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The early years matter...

Across the world there is a strong body of evidence and acknowledgement that the early years are a crucially important stage of human development. Early childhood experiences set the stage for later development, learning and wellbeing.

Evidence demonstrates that interventions during early childhood are likely to be more cost effective and influence a wider range of health, social and economic outcomes than interventions later in life.

Governments internationally have recognised that for maximum success in this area, all sectors must work together to invest time and funding in early childhood development programs. A collaborative effort across all sectors broadens and strengthens positive outcomes for children and their families.

It was this understanding and knowledge that guided the Tasmanian Government to establish the Tasmanian Early Years Foundation. The Government believes that the Foundation will play a central role in bringing sectors together to help foster a society in which all Tasmanian children are valued and given the best possible start to life.

The Foundation operates under the Tasmanian Early Years Foundation Act 2005 as a non-profit organisation to support and promote the wellbeing, development and learning of Tasmanian children up to the age of 6 years.

The Foundation will build on core government recurrent funding by seeking public support, forming partnerships with businesses and community organisations, and seeking philanthropic funds to increase resources available for early childhood initiatives.

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